SOL REPUBLIC Headphones Will Rock Your Soul Without Emptying Your Wallet

SOL REPUBLIC is a new headphone company that is set to take the world by storm by delivering affordable headphones that look great and sound great, without making any compromises. Sure, we might have heard that one before, but in our brief time spent with SOL REPUBLIC’s on-ear headphone line-up we were blown away by the sound quality that these headphones produce at such a low price point. Not to mention, that their nearly indestructible and minimalist-chic design is impressive too.

SOL REPUBLIC’s CEO and co-founder is Kevin Lee, which many Monster Cable and Beats by Dr. Dre fans might recognize as the Little Monster. Kevin Lee has started SOL REPUBLIC as an entirely new venture that is independent of Monster Cable and Beats by Dr. Dre. Lee took a look at the market and realized that not everyone is going to be able to pick up a pair of Beats, and that there is a serious need for more affordable, accessibly priced headphones. He and his co-founders Seth Combs and Scott Hix, came up with the name SOL REPUBLIC because they recognize the power and impact that good sounding music can have on us, and how music is the soundtrack of life.

“Everyone at SOL REPUBLIC believes in the power of music. It touches us and moves us in profound ways,” said Kevin Lee, co-founder and CEO.  “SOL REPUBLIC is a group of music lovers who have a passion to deliver better music experiences to everyone. At our core, we believe that music is the soundtrack of everyone’s life and when music sounds better, you feel better. We named the company SOL REPUBLIC after that belief, SOL is an acronym for Soundtrack Of Life because music provides the soundtrack for every memory and for the profound and everyday moments in your life. Today that means engineering great-sounding, fashionable headphones and creating a community dedicated to music experiences; however, our future will take us far beyond.”

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SOL REPUBLIC’S initial line-up includes a series of two pairs of on-ear headphones, and two in-ears. The headphones promise to deliver full-bass punch and clear highs, without distortion. The headphones are also super durable to the point of being almost indestructible. The On-Ear headphones actually feature a new polymer called FlexTech. Bend them, twist them, throw them in your bag, these on-ear headphones can take it. The headphones are also the first interchangeable on-ear headphone which feature swappable headbands, speakers and cables in various colors. And as far as colors are concerned, SOL REPUBLIC has future plans to offer up an impressive line-up of bold colors, so that there is truly something for everyone. The headphones also feature extra-wide ear cushions that make them super comfortable to wear.

SOL REPUBLIC’s on-ear headphones start at $99.99 for the Tracks On ear headphones, and $129.99 for the Tracks HD headphones. Their Amps In-Ear headphones series start at $59.99 and their AMPS HD In-Ear Headphones cost $99.99. Furthermore, all of SOL REPUBLIC’s on-ear and in-ear headphones come with a remote and mic with full iPhone compatibility. The headphones will become available at various store nationwide, starting late August.


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