Pandora Goes Old School with the Nostalgic Victoria Internet Radio

Feeling a bit nostalgic for the 40’s or 50’s? Grace Digital has just announced the Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio. You won’t be able to listen to Lucille Ball or hear Orson Wells tell tales of War of the Worlds with it, but it’s still a pretty fun device to have with a modern twist. To that effect, its vintage design might be reminiscent of a 1940’s tabletop radio of yesteryear, but it actually features today’s internet radio channels and Pandora support. The exterior of the radio is made of walnut with birch inlays, which should fit in nicely wherever you place it.

The Victoria Internet Radio also features a 4-line adjustable backlit display, an alarm clock mode, 110 station presets, built-in WiFi, and integrated Pandora controls right on the remote. On top of that it has support for Rhapsody, Dar.fm, SiriusXM, CBS Radio, Live365.com, MP3Tunes and Weatherbug. You can even use your iPhone to control the radio with the free Grace Remote control app. The app will let you wirelessly control the volume, alarm, switch stations, control Pandora, and more. A 3.5mm jack can also be used to for playing music off of an iPhone or MP3 player.

The Victoria is available at Grace Digital Audio for $229.99. This is the radio your grandpa only dreamed of having back then.

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  1. …actually through Reciva and Live 365 there are several Old Time Radio channels you can tune in….