Zip Zip Debuts the Hard Drive Brick For Your Building Storage Pleasure

USB Flash Drives that look like small LEGO bricks are sooo yesterday. Zip Zip has just debuted their external Hard Drive Brick which provides 500 GB to 1TB of storage space. Each Zip Zip Hard Drive is compatible with any type of building block toy.

Meaning it can be built-on or become a bigger structure, depending on where your imagination takes you. Zip Zip Hard Drive Bricks are USB 3.0 compatible and will work with either a PC or MAC. So it may look like a toy but it operates like any other plain external Hard Drive.

Zip Zip Hard Drive Bricks can be clipped together to make a single brick unit. You can also snap the smaller Zip Zip classic USB memory sticks to it as well. Creating one colossal storage structure. Now that’s what I call building power! The Zip Zip External Hard Drive Bricks will be available in the colors red, yellow, green, and blue. No word yet on pricing or availability but we can be sure that places like ThinkGeek will be selling them soon enough.

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