Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Features Longest Battery Life – EVER! (Photos)

Acer debuted their first Ultrabook the Aspire S3 at IFA this week. While it hasn’t landed on US shores yet, that didn’t stop us from giving a little love to this slim vixen.

The Aspire S3 is encased in a thin, light metal design that weighs less than 3 lbs, has a 13.3 ultra-thin HD LED, is outfitted with a full-size chiclet keyboard, and a high-density battery that delivers up to 7 hours of battery life. Some highlights are Acer’s Green Instant On technology which provides instant-resume functionality that aims to ensures longer battery life. If the Acer Aspire S3 has been in sleep mode for less than 30 minutes, it will resume in under 2 seconds. It will resume from deep sleep in 6 seconds. The unit enters deep sleep state after 30 minutes of no activity and is part of the battery saving measures that allow up to 50 days of battery life. That’s longer battery life than practically any other mobility device on the market right now!

The Aspire S3 also offers several Intel processors to choose from, the 2nd gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and a choice of 240 GB SSD or 320/500 GB HDD with embedded SSD.

For overseas markets the Acer Ultrabook will be priced between €799 and €1199, the Aspire S3 will start to roll out in select regions in September and then to many other markets in October. Here is hoping that 50 day battery comes to momma in the US.

Update: Check out our hands-on photos below

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