Angry Birds Seasons Debuts a New Episode With An Asian Twist

If you are a diehard Angry Birds fan, then you are already aware that Angry Birds Seasons has released a new episode with an Asian twist.  The latest Angry Birds Season heads to China for the Mooncake Festival,  that includes pigs dressed up in Asian attire (that harks back to the days of Confucius), rabbits, pagodas and Asian red lanterns.

Despite this new theme, at its core the Angry Birds are still as addictive as ever and the graphics and controls are more fluid than before. Coming from an Asian background, I’m not particularly keen on the pigs looking like Asian caricatures but I guess it only adds to the enjoyment of me knocking them off their girders.

For those who already own Angry Birds Seasons, this latest update is free but if you don’t, the cost is minimal for hours of play. Along with the 30 levels there is also 8 hidden pieces to collect as well as the availability of the mighty eagle.

After hours of gameplay, I have to admit it’s not as easy to get three stars after completing each level. In fact the levels are not as easy as past seasons but it only makes the game more addictive than ever.


  1. Nice, Angry Birds is getting bigger every day, I actually saw a T-shirt with their logo the other day. I do wonder if their localized game versions are as popular as the original ones?