Angry Birds Get Their Own Theme Park in China

The Angry Birds addiction has spread, and this time it has taken on life size proportions. That is because an Angry Birds theme park has just opened up in Changsha, which is the capital of Hunan province in southeastern China. Well, using the term “theme park” might be exaggerating just a bit, since the Angry Birds attraction is actually part of the Window of the World amusement park. Regardless, where else in the world can you play Angry Birds using life size slingshots?

The Angry Birds theme park was created especially for the Stress-reducing Festival at the park, and is located in an area of the park called the “American Zone”. Visitors can come to the theme park to pull real catapults and shoot Angry Birds. Except for in this case, they are using Angry Birds plush toys and aiming them at green piggy balloons that have been placed around a giant toy brick fortress.

The Angry Birds “theme park” will be open for business through the end of September. But the park’s marketing manager says that they might keep the attraction open longer if it proves to be popular enough. But something tells us that this new attraction is going to indeed be creating a lot of anger. That is because the park isn’t an officially licensed Angry Birds product. It looks like Helsinki based Rovio, who are the developers behind Angry Birds, are about to start shooting some catapults of their own.



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