Wooden Apple Docking Tray Gives Your Devices a Little Class

The Apple wooden docking tray puts a little class back into docking your device. You would expect a glass of wine to be severed to you in this thing. Instead of a device that just docks your iPhone/iPod and a holds some paperclips or a notepad. The tray is made of black walnut wood but doesn’t come with a Universal Dock, that you will have to provide. So without it’s just a nice tray that lets your Apple device sit in it, not much else.

If the Apple Docking Tray isn’t your taste there is always the Wooden iPad Station which docks your iPad as well as a Apple keyboard. There is also the Wooden Mac Keyboard tray which holds your wireless Mac keyboard and Magic Track Pad. All these wooden pieces are brought to you on behalf of Vancouver based Hekeskudd. Till now they have all been concept pieces but you can finally purchase them outright. All three devices will set you back $139 and will add a stuffy flair to your hipster gadgets.

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