The Best of IFA 2011 Berlin in Photos

If you have never been to IFA before, then you probably don’t know how it compares to the other major consumer  electronics shows that litter up the year like MWC, CES, CTIA, and CEBIT. IFA showcases the latest and greatest consumer electronics to come out of Europe. On the show floor you’ll find everything from mobility to hardware. But what makes the show especially unique is its strong emphasis on home appliances. We’re talking about everything from refrigerators, vacuum cleaners to waffle makers. The result is the best smelling and best tasting tech show of all of the big CE shows from around the world.
But besides for having stuffed ourselves with way too many free muffins and Nespresso samples, there was plenty of gadgety goodness to discover at IFA this year. Read on for some of our favorites, and check out our IFA 2011, in photos, gallery.

1. We were lucky enough to get a hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 before Samsung pulled it from the show floor. The Samsung Tab 7.7 is the slickest 7″ tablet we’ve seen yet. Samsung’s taken its brilliant Super AMOLED display technology and transplanted it on a super thin and lightweight body design that is ready to replace your e-reader for good. This is going to the 7″ tablet to beat.

2. Speaking of Tablets, Lenovo announced the Ideapad A1. Finally a cheap Android tablet that isn’t from a company you’ve never heard of! Is the hardware for this tablet cutting edge? Hardly. But it’s great value for the money. If Lenovo makes this tablet widespread available, it has the potential to do really well.

3. Philips unveiled an impressive line of gadgets and accessories, including everything from headphones to new GoGear PMPs. But we’re especially excited about their new series of Fidelio speaker docks for Android devices. Finally Android tablet and smartphones users can enjoy a selection of slick speaker systems with great sonics, just like their iOS touting peers.

4. But besides for the big ticket items from the major players, IFA’s had many hidden goodies scattered through its halls like the Android based Hama’s Set-Top Box for TVs.

5. Other honorable mentions: Acer showed off one of the first Ultrabooks, the Acer Aspire S3. Sony was around showing off their S series tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone also turned lots of heads with its massive 5.3″ display and digital stylus.

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