BungeeAir Guarantees You’ll Never Lose Your iPhone Again

Before you look away, no – this is not just another battery case for the iPhone 4. The BungeeAir Security Case from Kensington is so much more then that – sure, it’s a battery case, but it’s also an accessory that will help keep your phone safe. That is because the BungeeAir wireless tether and case works as a kind of anti-theft and lost device for your iPhone 4. So in the event that you should leave your phone behind, you can use the BungeeAir’s remote fob to locate it. Furthermore, the BungeeAir also works as an AntiTheft device.

The way it works is that two components of the BungeeAir – the case and remote fob, maintain an active wireless connection to one another. Should they be stretched too far apart from one another – usually an average of 50 feet, an audible alert is set off on the remote fob to alert you. This will also activate password protection on your phone to further secure your iPhone and prevent access to its data and content.

The BungeeAir remote fob can last up-to six months at a time on two coin size batteries, helping make the experience as low maintenance as possible. The BungeeAir Power Case itself features a 1500mAh battery and retails for $99. BungeeAir will also be available as a stand alone case for $79.

BungeeAir is a wireless tether for the iPhone comprised of a downloadable software application and a small remote fob, which can be attached to a key chain or carried in a pocket. The two components maintain an active wireless connection. Stretching the connection to its limit triggers an audible alert from the fob, and instantly activates password protection to secure the iPhone and prevent access to data or content. The BungeeAir fob, powered by two coin size batteries, has a battery life of up to six month —making the solution simple, effective and low maintenance.

BungeeAir’s digital tether can be adjusted by the user to sound the alert and trigger password protection at a short or long distance (an average of 50 feet depending on the environment) to be effective in a variety of environments. With the power of two-way communications between fob and installed software, the BungeeAir can also be used to locate a missing iPhone using the fob with a convenient “find me” feature. The BungeeAir™ Wireless Tether & Battery Case includes a 1500mAh battery built-into a slim protective case to provide hours of extended talk time, web surfing, FaceTime, video watching and more. Kensington’s BungeeAir Wireless Tether

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  1. Its not that effective
    First it’s work only if there a wireless other wise it won’t warn you that you losing the devise for example if you are in under ground train and you forgot it on the seat say bye bye to your iPhone and your case

    Second there are several problem found when uses this case with the I phone 4 s read the customer review in the amazon website

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