Where Vices Go to Die – Bury the Habit Recordable Coffin

Trying to quit smoking? Perhaps you’ve already tried using a nicotine patch? Maybe you have even tried other means like hypnosis, but have had no success? Well, than it’s time to check out the Bury the Habit Recordable Coffin. We can’t promise that it will actually help break your unhealthy habit. But the Bury the Habit Recordable Coffin definitely gets the message across about smoking – or one of your other bad habits. The way it works is that you can stash your cigarettes or whatever else into this little coffin, and upon opening the coffin to remove its items, it will play back your pre-recorded recordings. So you can leave a recording like “Don’t do it!”, or perhaps “Cough, cough, you’re three steps away from lung cancer”. But whatever recording you use for the Coffin, it should certainly get the message across.

The Bury the Habit Recordable Coffin retails for $19.99.

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