Colorware Gets Bold with the BlackBerry 9900


Colorware  just can’t seem to leave new gadgets well enough alone. Well if you love your new BlackBerry Bold 9900 but are kind of disappointed that it has no unique flair; Colorware has just solved your problem. Today they have announced that they will customize your own 9900 or you can buy a new customized one through them. We are big fans of the BlackBerry Bold 9930 which is the Verizon version, the BlackBerry 9900 just happens to be the T-Mobile model.

Adding your own personal touch to the 9900 will certainly make it stand out from the rest of the suits. However one thing is for sure and that is you will need big bucks to make the BlackBerry 9900 look snazzy. If you customize your own it will set you back about $250 but if you order a custom model from Colorware, expect to pay $1000 big ones.  I guess I’ll be sticking to black for awhile.


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