Hands-on with Updated Pavilion dm1 with HP Premier Experience

HP is having a very busy week and their latest is an upgrade to the HP Pavilion dm1. We had reviewed the prior generation earlier this year and were left with a very happy surprise with its affordability, great multi-tasking abilities and efficient battery life.

The latest version of the dm1 certainly doesn’t deviate from those star qualities, it just enhances those features a bit more. The Pavilion dm1 is still affordable, packs in 11.5 hours of battery life, and has an extremely stylish body that any gal or guy would love. The dm1 comes in either a gloss finish or HP soft-touch imprint design. The soft touch exterior is like nothing you have ever seen before. It will not wear aware or attract finger prints. You will just want to keep petting the dm1 all day because of how soft it feels and how attractive it looks.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of the Beats Audio technology which really shines when you plug a pair of headphones in. The external speakers themselves are just average and really don;t take advantage of the Beats Audio sound.

The 11.6” high-definition (HD) LED display was bright and sharp and it never seemed like I was looking at a small screen. There is also a built-in HP TrueVision HD webcam which captures quality images even in low-light conditions.

The HP Pavilion dm1 does comes loaded with Windows 7, as do all PC’s now, but HP has taken it upon themselves to customize that experience with the better organized HP Premier Experience. The HP Launch box is just one of those HP Premier Experience features that gives you access to all your favorite apps, faster and easier and in all one spot. Giving you a unique Windows 7 experience only HP could deliver. You can also shut your computer down or boot it up faster. HP has tweaked Windows 7 for the busy consumer who needs to get in and get out fast, without having to stumble around trying to find apps in different folders.

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So what is running this beauty of a beast? Consumers will have several options of processors this go around. Typically the dm1 has been the flagship model for the AMD Fusion processor but this latest version will give consumers the choice of either the latest integrated AMD E-Series Accelerated Processing Units or an Intel 2nd Generation Core processor. AMD models include AMD Radeon HD discrete-class graphics to enable crisper and more vivid video playback.

From our brief time with the dm1, it felt great in our hands and the chiclet keyboard  made it a delight to type on. The notebook powered on and off instantly without hesitation and the inclusion of the HP Launch Box while a nice feature, it is hard to determine how many folks will actually use it.

The soft touch exterior was truly a delight for the eyes and hands and it has matching accessories to boot. The dm1 is only 1 – inch thick and weighs 3.52 pounds. Perfect for the fashionistas everywhere or those always on the run who need a petite powerhouse by their side, but on a budget.

The HP Pavilion dm1 is expected to retail from $449.99 to $499.99 and should be launching this quarter or next.

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