Enrique Iglesias Likes How it Feels in CityVille

Not that CityVille (population approx. 69 million) needed a hero, but it’s getting one anyway. Latin music icon Enrique Iglesias will soon be a virtual, Zynga-fied icon that CityVille players can interact with between October 4th and October 10th. Unless you’re under level 6, that is. Enrique’s a global phenomenon. He doesn’t have time for those who lack passion and desire. Or for slow newbies.

Oh yes, there will be Enrique-themed quests and rewards that will spread through Facebook news feeds like a noxious plague (in which many feeds will be promptly ignored). You can collect his brown boots, leather bracelet, military cap, and two-seater airplane (I guess the dude really likes flying). New buildings will arise as monuments to Enrique’s greatness – a Miami high rise and the Euphoria Arena, named after Iglesias’ tour, which began on September 22nd. Those who build the arena will have access to a preview of Enrique’s new single, “I Like How it Feels,” in a move reminiscent of the recent GaGaVille promotion over on the Farm.

CityVille players need only log on after October 4th to turn up the heat with Enrique in their city. He’ll be the hero your city deserves, until CityVille strikes a deal with DC or Marvel or something. Or until October 10th; after that, he’s packing up and heading out. He’s a busy man (err…avatar?), you know?

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