Epson Artisan 837 Printer Review

With so many printers available these days, why consider the Epson Artisan 837? Quite simply, quality and style. Many other printers are fine for your basic everyday printing and your child’s homework, but this printer turns your home into a creative studio! As the name suggests it not only produces art,  it itself is a work of art. It has a beautiful midnight blue color, huge 7.8” touch screen (with 3.5” LCD screen), WiFi printing, auto-loading scanner, dual trays for media, auto two-sided printing and more. Now let’s look a little closer…

In the Box:

The first thing you notice is that the box is heavy, this surprised us as so many things these days are made lighter and lighter, which results in a cheap feel. However the Artisan 837 is a solid, well built machine. Unpacking takes a few minutes as you carefully look for all the little bits of blue tape securing components of the printer together. Also in the box was the CD with the software, some sample paper, power cord and a set of six ink cartridges (yes, it’s a six color printer!). Finally it’s out of the box and we saw how sleek and beautiful it really is. At first glance it looks quite similar to the Artisan 800, but there are some significant upgrades made to this machine.



As usual with Epson printers, the setup instructions were to the point and easy to follow. Basic setup along with priming the ink took about 10 minutes. It logged on seamlessly to our WiFi network and in a few more minutes the software was installed on the computer and we had our first printed page! Definitely one of the easiest setups I’ve ever seen.

A Few Tech Specs:

  • Ultra Hi-Definition printing with Advanced MicroPiezo 6-color inkjet printing with DX5 technology
  • Maximum Print Resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • 9+ ppm for Color AND Black
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n8 Ethernet – 10/100, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, PictBridge
  • Fade Resistance / Print Longevity: Up to 200-year album storage, up to 98 years under glass; Lasts up to 4x longer than photo lab prints
  • Main Paper Tray: 120 sheets plain paper, 10 envelopes
  • Photo Tray: 20 sheets Premium Photo Paper Glossy
  • Special Media Support: Inkjet printable CDs / DVDs
  • Fax Settings: Black-and-white and color
  • 4800 dpi scanner
  • And a whole lot more …


Now let’s get to the printing. The 837 produces awesome photo prints. One of the claims of this printer is that it is the world’s fastest 4×6” photo printer and we agree. In “draft” mode the photos printed in about 10 seconds. But even more impressive was that 4 x6” photos printed in “high quality” mode in just 12 seconds! They were beautiful! And dry to the touch. Even a full 8.5”x11” photo printed in just 35 seconds. Epson claims that these prints will last 4x as long as those from a photo lab. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if that claim holds true, but we don’t doubt it. If you have a lot of photos to print, this is your machine.

Printing directly from standard memory cards or USB flash drive was as easy as it should be. The touch screen was enjoyable to use, it swivels 90 degrees to adjust for the perfect viewing angle. The menu was quick and simple. In the past we had seen slightly poor printing when using a memory card as opposed to the PC. But not with this printer. The prints looked as though they were printed professionally. Another amazing feature of Epson printing is that the photos are scratch-resistant and water-resistant! I actually tried to scratch it with my fingernail and then put it under the water faucet … Absolutely no damage what-so-ever!

Another feature that all printers should have, 2-sided printing! No need to pick up the paper, turn it around and send it back thru. This printer does it all by itself. And since the ink dries so fast, there is no need to worry about smudges. You no longer need to remove your standard paper when you want to print a few photos. The Artisan 837 has dual paper trays, the lower one for large sizes, and the upper for the smaller. Pretty slick.

Generally, I’m not too fond of automatic image correction. But with this printer it seemed to work well. We printed a photo with a person standing in the shadows, but when corrected, it looked as though it had been taken in proper lighting. This feature also corrects red-eye which is so common in portraits.

There are a couple of cute little features. With coloring pages you can turn any photo into a line drawing that your children can color in later. Depending on the photo, their results were pretty good. Also the note paper creator. With this you can easily choose an image and print it out as very elegant note paper.





There is also full-color copying. And the auto feeder accepts about 30 pages at a time. This also functions as a scanner and fax machine. The copies came out just fine although the colors were slightly muted. The scanner did not do as well as I would like at capturing faint or light images. Another great thing about the 837 is that it’s a convertible! When you want to scan or fax, you flip open the tray and voila! you are ready to go. When you’re done, close it and the sleek lines are back.





Do you have an iPhone, iPad or another gadget? You can print directly from your device, no special drivers needed.

You can even use the USB port to charge your iPhone or mp3 player!


The Epson Artisan 837 is truly an all-in-one printing solution. It delivers incredibly fast, high quality prints. Setup is easy and straightforward. I’d like to see room for more paper, but having 2 trays for different sizes of paper made up for that. At $299 (currently $199 after instant rebate) the Artisan 837 is a great deal for a high quality, all-in-one printer.

 The Good: Effortless setup. EXTREMELY fast photo prints. Automatic two-sided printing that looks great.

The Bad: Price a bit on the high side. Paper tray could be bigger.


  1. You call this printer “Solid, well built machine”? Did you not look at the very flimsy paper tray or notice all the other reviews that mentioned this and the fact that it often feeds 2 sheets at a time? No mention of the flimsy paper delivery guide? Except for the comment about the scan quality this reads like an Epson press release! Also, upon close inspection with just a 2X loupe, the photos in all qualities except RPM Photo (Best) have very visible banding. The 14 second photos from an HP with 02 ink set do not show this banding.

  2. I just noticed the review on this site for the Arisan 800 which has the identical feed and delivery tray.

    “The only draw back of the Artisan 800 I would say is the paper-tray. The overall quality of the tray seemed flimsy and it doesn’t hold that much paper. You can practically fit any type of media or size of paper in the tray or feeder on top. But it can get a bit frustrating having to constantly put more paper in the tray to print a big job. ”

    “The Bad: Flimsy paper-tray and lengthy software install.”

    Why did the same system on the 837 not get ranked on for this major flaw?

  3. Hi Fancy1cat, you’re right! We did over look the fact that the weak paper-tray design is still an issue on the 837. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve updated the review to reflect this aspect of the printer