Heat Sensitive Perpetual Calendar is Neat, But Confusing

Many of us have already forfeited paper calendars for digital ones, but the On This Day, Heat Sensitive Perpetual Calendar is so cool, we might consider going back to killing trees for our calendars. That is because this very unique, onlonged-shaped calendar is actually heat sensitive. The text on each day of the calendar is actually hidden by black squares. In order to reveal the text, you need to press your finger on that day. The text will turn to grey, and eventually to white, revealing information about some historical event that occurred on that day.

But what if you want to write your own notes and events down? You can use a permanent marker to write brief notes on one of the sides of the square. And because the calendar doesn’t actually include the day of the week and month, the calendar is actually a Perpetual Calendar, which does sound kind confusing – but also neat at the same time.

The On This Day, Heat Sensitive Perpetual Calendar retails for $27.89 and measures 39″ x 15.4″.

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