Nerd Out With the HP Limited Edition 12c Financial Calculator

HP is going retro today, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic HP 12c Financial Calculator. It might not look like much today, but don’t scoff too loudly – HP is still selling units of this classic financial calculator today. Apparently, business and finance professionals the world over still rely on the old standby, and it remains one of only two calculators approved for use for all major financial certification exams. So, it’s still got its place in the world of smartphones and tablets.

For the 30th anniversary, HP is selling limited edition 12c calculators. Each one still has the look of the original, and will be individually numbered via a laser etching on the back. It also comes with a sweet gift box. So, if you’re all about the interest rate calculations, you might want to pick up one of these collector’s items. Or, they’ll make the perfect gift for the math nerd in your life (if that’s not you already).

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