iPhone App of the Week: I Don’t Know How She Does It iPhone App Helps You Dress Like SJP

If you’ve been looking for a new outfit to wear (who isn’t?), check out the companion app to the movie I Don’t Know How She Does It, coming out this weekend. If only they had an App like this when Sex and the City was at its height!

SJP is still the go to girl for high-fashion and this app will help you dress like her or one of co-stars. I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind dressing like Olivia Munn.

You can cop all the new outfits Sarah Jessica Parker and her co-stars will be rocking on the big screen, for a lot cheaper than what you’d expect. Of course, the lower price tags probably have something to do with the line ‘outfits inspired by the film,’ but close enough is good enough. Within the app, you can search for outfits by actress/actor, scene, or look. As a bonus, you can check out stills, clips, and background information from the movie, as well as buy tickets directly from the app via Fandango. The I Don’t Know How She Does It App is available now from the iTunes App Store, for free.

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