iCam Transforms Your iPhone into a Cheap Looking Camera

This iPhone 4 case really is amazing. I mean, where else can you find a case that gives your admittedly lacking iPhone camera an extra optical zoom lens? Wait, what’s that? That’s not with this case does? Does it maybe add some more megapixels or something? No? It just makes your iPhone look like a camera? Oh…OK.

Despite the appearance, don’t expect any upgrade to your iPhone 4’s camera with the iCam. This is just a standard case, although the ‘lens’ is extendable, which actually is useful if you want to prop your iPhone up in landscape mode. It also comes with a neck strap, so you’ll never be separated from your beloved iPhone again. The iCam sells for $16 and comes in pink, green, white, and black. Who knows, with the holidays coming up (kinda, we’re still a ways off), it might be a sweet stocking stuffer for the budding professional photographer in the family.


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