iFrogz Vertex Headphones Review

iFrogz Vertex Over-Ear Headphones are a budget-friendly alternative to Beats By Dre. The iFrogz Vertex feature large and comfy foam ear cushions, a collapsible design, and an inline iOS/Android/Blackberry control button with mic.

The design is similar to the Solo Beats By Dre, but the Vertex still has its own unique look and feel to them. Unfortunately, the feel is of a lower quality, while the appearance could be arguably better. These headphones are adjustable, quite comfortable, and even pretty trendy looking. Aside from the inner metal headband, they’re almost entirely plastic. On our model, the rotating hinge for the earcup squeaks. It can sometimes be heard while walking and listening to music (annoying!). The build quality is not amazing. The cable is Y-Shaped and the in-line mic/button is about 6 inches below the left earphone. The cable is thick and does not easily tangle.

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If you don’t have high expectations, the audio quality is not bad. The highs, lows, and mids are pretty balanced and the bass is nice and loud. All-in-all the audio could be much clearer with more detail. If you’re upgrading from the stock earbuds that came with your device you’ll be satisfied. The noise isolation is moderate, some ambient noise can still be heard with the headphones at a regular volume. The microphone and button control both worked perfectly. I received good feedback from all of my callers, even on the streets in Manhattan.

At just under $50 (and under $40 from Amazon), the iFrogz Vertex Headphones are a lot less expensive than Beats by Dre. They have a cool look to them, are very comfortable, and if you’re not expecting audiophile standards, than they sound pretty good for the price. Our real concern with the Vertex headphones is the durability; ours had a squeaky hinge straight out of the box. If the build-quality is up to snuff, then they’re worth the $40.

The Good: Comfy, In-Line Mic for iOS/Blackberry/Android, Cord Doesn’t Tangle Easily, Folding Design
The Bad: Hinge Squeeks, Plasticky, Decent Audio Quality, Not the best Build Quality

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