Pulsate like a Mac with the iNecklace

Taking a break from the technology overload at IFA, lets concentrate on something more important – like jewelry. More specifically the iNecklace. The iNecklace is an aluminum pendant with a subtle pulsating LED that takes its pattern from the Apple “breathing” LED on Macs. Not only does it fit in nicely with any type of wardrobe, it also puts on full display just how much you love wearable technology.

We have seen USB flash drive necklaces and other types of cheaper quality LED necklaces before, but iNecklace certainly classes up the whole tech jewelry scene and actually comes off as a pricey looking accessory for your neck. The iNecklace will pulse for 72 hours before going dead – but when the lights go out, the style still remains.

The iNecklace retails for $75 from Gizmine.

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