This is What Happens When Missoni Madness Hits Target

You are left with bare walls! Like cats to catnip, women in droves lined up to grab what they could of the Missoni collection at Target. Some fashionable ladies even started lining up as early as 7:30am this morning. As we reported last week, Missoni was coming to Target and boy have they made a fashion statement.

From bikes to iPhone cases to iPad cases and a few blouses and bedsheets in between, it was complete madness if you attempted to get your hands on something Missoni today.

Targets across the country were left in complete shambles from this designer debut. Target’s website even crashed several times today due to the overwhelming demand for Missoni and it still is currently up and down.  Former Housewife of New York, Bethanny Frankel was even spotted at the Target in Harlem waiting inline for some Missoni goodness.

Albeit the collection is vast with over 400 items and they all feature signature Missoni design elements. The electronic accessories are budget friendly with iPhone cases retailing for $29.99 and iPad cases retailing for $59.99.  The Missoni Floral Pattern Laptop sleeves are already out of stock. However, the signature piece for us has to be the Missoni bike. It’s loud, it’s retro, it’s so us!

Target will certainly be restocking their shelves soon enough with more Missoni love but till then we did manage to score some nice $7 socks.


Hat tip to our fashionable resident geek @almostzara  for braving Missoni for Target.

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