Monster Debuts Inspiration Headphones at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York is all about trendsetting and this year Monster has out done themselves by using the runway to unveil a new line of fashion-inspired headphones that are sure to be trendsetters this Fall. Debuting during a runaway show of collections from Samantha Sleeper, Zoe Twitt and Melissa Bolin. Their new Inspiration headphones don’t just look great and promise to sound great, but they are all about the fashion. For starters, the headphones actually feature interchangeable headbands.

Monster Cable is planning on releasing interchangeable headbands for the headphones in all sorts of styles, so that your headphones can match your look – whether its casual or classic or hipster. So what better way to debut these new headphones than with models on the runway during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The Monster Inspiration headphones feature built-in noise cancellation and will initially be available in white or black.  The Inspiration headphones are actually Monster’s first on-ear headphones and they will feature interchangeable headbands in a selection of different colors, styles and materials. They will retail for about $279 when they go on sale in October and 8 different headband styles will be available at launch that should speak to your inner Carrie Bradshaw.

Head Monster, Noel Lee says that Monster has plans to use these headphones to help promote more fashion designers. So you can expect to see more fashion headphone collaborations from Monster in the future. One such collaboration includes a pair of Diesel headphones that should land soon.

“Our new Inspiration headphones are all about feeling inspired. Just like some days you wear jeans and some days you might wear a tuxedo, these headphones let you choose whatever look or feel you want to express yourself, and feel ‘inspired.’ We all have many different facets of our personalities, and with Inspiration we can express ourselves exactly the way we want, wherever and whenever we want – and of course enjoy the kind of ‘higher definition’ music listening experience that only Monster headphones deliver.” – Noel Lee

Update 7/24/12: Check out our full review of the Monster Inspiration Headphones


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  1. I had the opportunity to try these at CES and they were much more balanced than Monsters Beats by Dre line. I will be waiting at my local apple store to pick them up this week

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