Native Union Wants You to Play With Your Video Messages

Native Union is bringing the kitsch to IFA 2011. The company till now has been known for making retro yet functional accessories that bring the fun back to your mobile devices.  In the past they have specialized in making the average conversation an art form and now they are tackling video.  Play, is a video memo pad shaped as a word bubble that combines a video camera, audio recording system, and 2.4-inch color LCD screen.

The Play video memo pad can store three minutes of video in one full-length message or  several shorter messages at one time. You can leave Play just about anywhere as it has a magnetized back. It also has three buttons on its face for ease of use that will appeal to all ages big and small.

Play will be available  at the end of September for £49.99 ( $80 USD), is available in green, pink, blue, purple, red, white and black. Now you can visually leave a message displaying how desperate you are for someone to bring home milk.


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