Philips GoGear Connect 3 Runs Android 2.3, Takes on the iPod Touch

Smartphones might be all the rage, but there still seems to be somewhat of a market for portable media players. Which is why Philips has just unveiled their latest – the GoGear Connect 3 at IFA 2011 which runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The device packs in a 3.2″ Touchscreen and Wi-Fi.
By throwing in Gingerbread and upgrading the design and display for the GoGear Connect, Philips has essentially produced a serious iPod Touch competitor – at least for Android enthusiasts.  When it comes to making great sounding audio players, Philips is a pro, and the new Connect 3 also features FullSound, Sound Personalization and Surround for Movies.

We got to play with the device hands-on and the build quality feels solid. We’re especially digging the all black design. The device also feels nice and light and the display is brighter and much improved from the GoGear Muse that we reviewed a while back.

The device can playback video files up-to 720p. And because it’s running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it’s also able to playback just about any audio format. Of-course it will also run Android apps and widgets galore, and it’s suitable for serious mobile gaming too. Philips Songbird software for PC can be used for syncing music files onto the device. Pricing is TBD.

Update 11/21/2011: Check out our Philips GoGear Connect 3 review

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