Philips Senseo Viva Cafe Eco – the Coffee Maker Made From Recycled Electronics


Philips has a history of big shows at the annual IFA trade show in Berlin, and this year’s been no different. Philips was busy promoting its EcoVision sustainability strategy – an ambitious project aimed at increasing energy efficiency and using more recycled products in their electronics goods. The Senseo Viva Cafe Eco is a step in that direction. I’m sure by now you’ve come into contact with sheets of paper and plastic utensils made from recycled materials, but a coffee maker made from recycled materials? I’m guessing not, until now.

At its core, the Senseo Viva Cafe Eco is a coffee maker. It doesn’t do anything new in that area – you put in some water, put in some coffee grinds, magic happens, and you get through your morning without hurting anyone. What is new – and pretty cool – about this coffee maker is that it is made largely out of parts from discarded electronics equipment. For starters, it’s made of 50% recycled plastics. All outer plastic parts are made from 100% recycled materials, save for the parts that actually come into contact with water or coffee (so, even if you’re squeamish about recycled materials, you still have no reason to sweat). The metal parts are composed of 45% recycled materials.

Philips really did leave no stone unturned with this machine. In an impressively resourceful move, a CD and DVD manufacturing by-product is used to make the wave texture on the lid of the coffee maker. Packaging wasn’t ignored, either – 90% recycled cardboard. The culture of the sustainable movement is also hard-wired into the machine itself. The coffee maker automatically goes into standby mode in just five minutes.

It’s no Frankenstein’s monster, either. The Viva Cafe Eco has a sleek, minimalist look to it that seems to fit right in with 21st century style. And, your morning cup of java is going to taste just as good – maybe even a little sweeter now that you’re helping the earth a little, too. If you’re looking to join the green movement at every turn, give this coffee machine a good look.