Philips O’Neill Headphones Beg to Be Bent and Scratched

Philips unveiled the latest in their more extreme line of headphones at IFA 2011 today in Berlin. Working with extreme sports experts O’Neill, Philips has developed the Bend and the Stretch Scratch, mainly with durability in mind.

The Bend promises high quality bass production, and is designed to fit your head snugly. It has a clean, minimalist design, but it is made from the same material as high-end snow goggles, so they’re well equipped to survive the most epic of spills. The big feature here is the development of safe-release cans that disengage under the pressure of a fall, rather than breaking. After you recover, you can snap them back into place and continue down the mountain.

The Stretch Scratch also promises solid audio quality, but again, the focus is durability. A nice thing about this set is the anti-tangle fabric headphone cords, taking away a potentially nasty distraction on the slopes or streets. These pack a little extreme style, too – the color is actually designed to wear away gradually, in the same way a used skateboard or snowboard does. Your headphones will be carrying battle scars pretty soon, too!

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