Float On Your Own Cloud With Pogoplug Mobile

Today, at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin, Pogoplug announced its latest gadget geared towards mobile cloud streaming. The Pogoplug Mobile device will sit at home and stream your media to your mobile devices while you’re on the go. In that sense, it’s like your own personal cloud server, meaning you can access and stream files on any Android or iOS mobile device in your network using the Pogoplug Mobile and Pogoplug software or apps.

Everything is handled through your personal device, so none of your files are actually being stored by a third party – Pogoplug doesn’t run any cloud servers themselves. So, unlimited cloud storage with the Pogoplug Mobile is promised, without extra charge. That’s a little bit of marketing gamesmanship – storage is handled by what you own, so the amount you can stream using the device depends on the size of your SD card or external hard drive. The device appears to have one SD slot and one USB port, so whatever you can fit into that is your ‘limit’ at any one time. The good thing about this is that your computer itself won’t have to be turned on when you hit the road and want to use the device to stream media while you’re away.

Users will need to add media files to their external storage units using the Pogoplug software, then attach those units to the Pogoplug Mobile device. In that sense, the device will mainly serve to turn your external hard drive into a personal cloud server. The device will stream using 3G networks, and will work with Android or iOS devices using the Pogoplug app, which has already been around for a while as a streaming app working with your at-home computer.

For Android users, the Pogoplug Mobile will also be an automatic back-up device. Any new media you capture with your mobile device is uploaded in the background to the Pogoplug Mobile device, and stored on your external devices. So, if you want to take advantage of that, make sure you always have some space available on your SD card or external hard drive before you leave home.

The upshot here is that you’ll be able to access all of your media – music, movies, pictures, eBooks – on your storage-challenged mobile device at any time. For iOS users, it’s probably a cheaper cloud solution than iCloud in the long run, given iCloud’s 5 GB limit for free service and monthly premium fees past that. The Pogoplug Mobile device is cheaper than one year‘s worth of 50 GB iCloud storage, which is slated to cost $100. Considering the size of external hard drives today, the Pogoplug Mobile will give you far more storage, too.

Pre-orders start today on Pogoplug’s website. The device will cost $79.99 when it becomes available in October of this year.