Suds Up With Samsung’s Ecobubble Washing Machines at IFA 2011

Washing machines can hurt you on heating costs without you even realizing it. But, you can’t really do without hot water for that load of whites, can you? Thanks to Samsung, now you can. Their new line of ecobubble washing machines claims that you’ll be able to swear off hot water for clothes washing permanently, with no loss in quality.

Samsung went back to basics for these washing machines. They observed how people who hand wash generate huge, soapy bubbles that penetrate clothes and make for effective washing. They use an initial water intake along with detergent to create foamy bubbles as the machine fills up with water, unlike traditional machines where the detergent stays on the bottom of the machine and becomes more sudsy later. With Samsung’s ecobubble method, the soap penetrates the clothes evenly as the water rises, creating a quality cold water wash that equals the results of a hot water wash.

The ecobubble washing machines are also just flat-out huge, sporting a 12KG capacity. This makes for larger loads, decreasing detergent and water use. So, it saves on your heating costs, your water costs, and gives you more free time. It’s also specially designed to protect delicate loads better. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal in the long run, if you can afford the high cost of securing one of these ecobubble washing machines. Still, it’s an impressive entry by Samsung into the sustainability market. Currently it looks like the folks of the UAE will only be able to take advantage of this new technology. Who knew they loved their laundry so much.

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