Samsung Names Were Fished Out of a Bowl of Alphabet Soup

Samsung throws around a lot of letters. There are some S’s, some Y’s, some M’s. A W. Maybe there’s a B or an X in there? I don’t even know anymore. But fear not! Samsung set the story straight today at IFA 2011 in Berlin. There’s a method to the naming madness, and it goes like this:

The S Line – The S stands for ‘Super Smart,’ and is reserved for Samsung’s high-end offerings. These are the cream of the crop for Samsung, including heavy hitters like the Samsung Galaxy S, which Samsung proudly pointed out has sold 10 million units worldwide.

The R Line – The R stands for ‘Royal/Refined,’ and is used for the high-end that aren’t quite flagship material. Samsung touts the power, performance, and productivity of the ‘R’ phones.

The W Line – The W stands for ‘Wonder’ (these are all from Samsung). The middle of the road offerings, with an extra emphasis on style.

The M Line – The M stands for ‘Magical’ (the whimsy!). ‘M’ phones will still pack a decent punch with many high-end features, but – presto! – will sport a more economical price point.

The Y Line – The Y stands for ‘Young’ (where did the whimsy go?). These are the newbie, low-end offerings, or the ones tailored to the preteens about to receive their first mobile phones.

So, that’s it. Wait, there’s more? Yeah, there’s more. Here are the add-ons:

Pro – Phones sporting the Pro tag will all include a QWERTY keyboard. Aimed at professionals, these phones will pack extra productivity features.

Plus – Plus phones will be direct upgrades to existing models.

LTE – Looks like Samsung’s creativity budget got cut here. It means what it says – LTE compatibility (or, 4G).

In tandem with this announcement, Samsung also unveiled a few new Galaxy phones – the Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y, and Galaxy Y Pro. Thanks to our handy little table up above, you should be able to work out exactly which one you want from the names alone! All of these phones heavily feature Samsung’s Hubs, which for the most part are Samsung’s media stores, except for the Social Hub, which aggregates social networking and communications. Confused? Samsung hopes you aren’t anymore.

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  1. Some of these names also do double duty in South Korea.

    S-line: the ideal female shape when viewed from the side
    W-line: Apparently, the shape of buttocks or bust
    M-line: Ideal upper body shape for men
    Y-line: cleavage.

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