Samsung’s New Notebook is the Series 7 Chronos

Samsung’s still a relatively new player in the world of notebooks, but the Series 7 Chronos has the look of a contender on the market which debuted at IFA 2011. The Chronos is absolutely packed with all of the state-of-the-art features you could think of for a notebook.

The Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor powers the Chronos. That’s way more power than most users out there will ever come close to needing right now, or in the years to come, but if you can’t have anything but the biggest and best available, the Chronos won’t disappoint you here. An impressive 8 GB of flash memory comes along with that beast of a processor.

Partly thanks to that processor, wake-up time for the Chronos is a ridiculously fast 2 seconds. Battery life promises to be about 8 hours, and the 15” screen is packed into a form factor typically reserved for 14” notebooks. Of course, this is in line with the pursuit of thin and lightweight tech, which Chronos doesn’t skimp on (5 lbs, 23.9 mm thick).

Gamers will be pleased by the inclusion of the very powerful AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics card, which should support just about any game you want to play, in addition to full HD movies. Those games and movies will look great on a screen featuring Samsung’s Superior LCD tech, which supports HD+ playback at 1600×900 resolution. SoundAlive technology packs the audio hook to the visual jab.

There a couple more extra bonuses. The backlit keyboard and LCD display brighten or dim automatically according to room lighting. Also, guided data migration from your old computer to the Chronos is possible easily using USB, LAN, or Wi-Fi.

Pricing information is not yet available, but you can safely assume the Series 7 Chronos will be far from cheap. Still, it has the makings of a high-end notebook powerhouse when it hits stores. The Series 7 Chronos will be available in 14” and 15” models.

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