Star Trek Celebrates 45th Anniversary With Trek Nation Documentary

Star Trek celebrated its 45th Anniversary this week. On September 8th, 1966 the first Star Trek episode aired on NBC under the watchful eyes of Desilu productions. That day brought to life Captain Kirk, Spock and the rest of the colorful enterprise team.

But who was the man behind Star Trek? Captain Kirk and Spock didn’t come out of thin air but were created by visionary Gene Roddenberry, and now a new documentary will examine the father of Star Trek.  Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod, will explore his family’s legacy and interview his father’s most devoted fans, including George Lucas and J.J. Abrams.

TREK NATION will demonstrate just how powerful Roddenberry’s work was and that it inspired not only fans, but influenced politics, entertainment, space, and so much more.

TREK NATION will air on Wednesday, November 30 and not only will fans get a closer look at the man who created Klingons – but it will also take his son on adventure that only Gene Roddenberry could have written.

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