50 Cent Brings the Hip-Hop to Sync by 50 Wireless Headphones

Back in May we reported that 50 Cent had jumped ship with Sleek Audio and would be producing his own line of headphones by a company he owned named SMS Audio. Sync by 50 is just one of the many audio offerings SMS Audio will be bringing to consumers shortly. There will be wired headphones, wireless headphones and earbuds.

Making sure not to step on the toes of Dr. Dre – Sync by 50 seems to be the first pair of headphones to debut and it has a unique quality all its own. It features full on-board controls (volume control, bass boost, and mute) and allows up to four listeners to simultaneously experience the highest-caliber wireless sound from a single source.

The headphones incorporate a 40mm driver, 50″ of wireless range, soft memory foam cushions, passive noise cancellation, and professionally tuned digital eq.

Sync by 50 will come packaged with a wired mic cable, 3.5mm wireless transmitter, hard-shell carry case, Micro USB charging cable, USB/AC adapter, airplane plug adapter and a 1/4″ gold-plated adapter.

That’s a lot of gear to come bundled with a pair of headphones, which I’m sure will resonate with the price when it debuts. The overall design of the headphones do seem kind of bulky and masculine but the fact that they will be available in white might give it a softer appeal.

Certainly there is a void in the wireless headphone market. Many have tried to release decent sounding wireless headphones in the past but either they are very costly or sound very weak. Could 50 Cent have found the one area of the headphone market that could use a little razzle dazzle of a formidable hip-hop star turned actor? He might just have.  No word yet on street price or launch date but we are sure it will hit before the holidays.

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