Just Like Vampires, Tablets Come Out To Play at Night According to Google

Google has come out with some interesting search query statistics when it comes to different media platforms – namely, that a whole lot of tablets are sleeping during the day, and creaking open the lid on their coffins (cases, whatever) once the Sun goes down.

Google’s handy chart (see below) shows that an overwhelming percentage of search queries on tablets happen after 6 PM, with very little activity during the day. What does that mean? Most likely, it means that tablets are largely not seen as mobile devices, but extra ‘coffee table’ media centers used by people when they just want to kick back and relax, and don’t want to deal with the weight of an entire laptop. The chart also shows that desktop search queries stay fairly level throughout the day and night, while smartphone search queries gradually increase as the day wears on and boredom at work rises.

Interesting to see that the tablet might be getting passed on so much as a mobile device. Now, you just need to make sure your innocent-looking tablet isn’t sprouting fangs or (worse) sparkling and drinking vegetable juice or whatever vampires are doing these days.



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