HP Gets Intimate with Tinie Tempah – Talks Adele Collaboration

Tinie Tempah is burning through the charts, and tonight HP offered us an opportunity to sit down with Tempah to talk about his music and his inspirations. But what does HP have to do with a chart topping artist like Tempeh you ask? HP is becoming very passionate about sound. As a matter of fact, most of HP’s newest consumer PCs come with Beats Audio, and this is why they got involved with Artist#Talk.

Artist #Talk is a new series of interviews with music artists being done with music blogger, Arjan Writes. Tonight Arjan performed his first ever Artist#Talk interview by using an HP TouchSmart throughout the whole interview process. For example, as Tinie discussed his different hits, Arjan used the TouchSmart’s touchscreen to pull up and play the tracks out loud for everyone to hear. But before the interview even started, HP made sure to mention that despite all the rumors, they have no plans to leave the PC business. They say that they are as committed as ever to keep pushing out computers for consumers.

During the Artist #Talk interview, Tinie discussed his rise to stardom, and where his passion for music came from. We also learned that Tinie isn’t just a music artist, but he is also a music blogger. He used his Milk&2sugar’s blog to help promote his music when he was just starting out. Tinie also mentioned that he is hard at work trying to convince Adele to collaborate on a track with him, but he hasn’t gotten a yes – yet. That would be a collaboration to die for!

Check out the videos below for the full interview:

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