The Trumstand Will Have Your iPhone/iPod Tooting Its Own Horn

Ready to toot your own horn? Well you might be with this latest iPhone/iPod dock called the Trumstand. The Trumstand harks back to the simpler times of gramophones and their superior sonics that went well with a sublime cognac and a few drags from a cigarette.

The Trumstand weighs a mighty 4.3kg and sports a 0.5mm hand-crafted horn, which is made of brass and can be plated in either nickel or gold powder. Making it look like a life-size Grammy award.

While the Trumstand does have an electrical cord, it is purely just for juicing your iPhone/iPod while docked. Just like back in the day, the horn portion of the device will provide the texture of sound that emanates from it.

Besides sounding absolutely smooth and velvety, the Trumstand should certainly make an impression in your home – now you just have to choose what tunes are worthy to be used in such a device.

Luxury gadgets with an antique flair don’t come cheap and the Trumstand will set you back about £1499.99 ($2355 USD). Hmm…I might just have to pass on this one.

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