Shot Glass USB is The Perfect Drinking Game for Geeks

This shot glass brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘power hour.’ It’s powered by a 1 GB USB drive that fits into the bottom of the shot glass, which contains the Power Hour Album, 60 one minute drinking songs from drinking game pioneer Ali Spagnola. This being a power hour deal, you drink a shot of beer every time the song changes, which should make most people’s nights (except for one or two of your friends, you know who they are).

The 60 song album contains surefire future classics such as “I’m Fine Occifer” and “You Won’t Remember This Song” (presumably near the end of the album). Also key is the addition of a lanyard to the shot glass. This might actually be the most impressive part of the whole set – now that it’s been introduced, it’s a little surprising that no one’s thought of it before. After all, for a power hour, most people at the party are probably going to need to keep that shot glass attached to them, especially once you get around to the “You Won’t Remember This Song” section of the album.

The Power Hour Shot Glass USB set costs about $30, which includes a 30 second bonus track, a poster, and an explanation of the game (though that last one doesn’t really seem necessary), in addition to the full 60 song album. If you have enough shot glasses, you can just buy the album off iTunes for about $12, or purchase the CD for about $17. Enjoy getting tanked (responsibly, of course) in the geekiest way yet!


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