XtremeMac Tango Bar Speaker Compliments the iMac to a T

Looking for a pair of iMac speakers that will do your iMac justice. You know, something that compliments the iMac’s design without overshadowing it? Well that is just what the Tango Bar speaker from XtremeMac manages to accomplish at IFA 2011. This speaker system is designed to rest along the bottom of your iMac or Cinema Display. It matches the iMac’s unibody colors and manages to not take up any significant real estate on your desk. Because if you own an iMac, then you know that the iMac’s speaker system isn’t all that powerful.

The six speaker configuration of the Tango Bar features dual dome tweeters, midrange/bass drivers and passive radiators. It also comes with  additional connections like headphone output, line-in jack and an optional sub-out port.

The Tango Bar goes on sale in October.

Update 11/16/2011: The Tango Bar Speaker is now available to purchase at XtremeMac and Amazon for $94.

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