Adobe Carousel Will Take Your Photos On a Ride

It’ll be a ride up into the clouds, too. Or, just one cloud. Adobe Carousel is now ready for download from the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store, and eliminates the need to sync your photos entirely. All of your devices tied to your Carousel account will have access to all photos stored on Adobe’s cloud. Carousel isn’t heavy on photo editing, though there are some offerings, like adjustments for exposure, shadows, contrast, white balance, and vibrance.

You can also create a collaborative photo album, as Carousel allows you to invite up to 25 other people to your album for free. Anyone in on the album can view all photos, edit, and add more pictures.

Right now, until January 31st, 2012, Adobe Carousel is selling at a discounted price – $59.99 for one year, or $5.99 per month. After January 31st, Carousel will sell for $99.00 per year, or $9.99 per month. There is currently a 30-day free trial period, as well. As for Android and PC users, you’ll have to be patient. For you, Adobe Carousel is expected to launch sometime early 2012.

Update 10/31/2011: Adobe asked us to clarify and explain that users can create up to five photo carousels per account (unlimited number of photos) and share each carousel with up to five friends.