AMD Debuts AMD FX CPUs And Breaks a Couple of Records Along the Way

Excited about the new quad-core processors found in computers selling today? Looks like that’s old news now. AMD has announced their Unlocked FX CPU line – the first eight-core (octocore?) processors the world has ever laid eyes on. The processors are made using AMD’s own multi-core architecture, code-named Bulldozer. As the name above suggests, these processors will be unlocked out of the box. Already, these CPUs have impressed, getting an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving a frequency of 8.429 GHz, trumping the old record of 8.309 GHz. Of course, the record was achieved under extreme overclocking conditions, using liquid nitrogen and helium as coolant, but you can bet the processors you’ll be getting in your computer will be more than powerful enough for your needs.

Comparisons to the Intel i7 processor showed the new AMD FX line as either equal to or slightly faster than its main competition. If you stop there, it’s not all that impressive. What is impressive is the price difference – the AMD FX-8150 is far cheaper, selling for $245. Either one packs far more power than the average gamer or media consumer needs, but those interested in overclocking or heavy media production should be salivating at the prospects of these monstrous CPUs.

The two eight-core offerings available are the FX-8150 and FX-8120, with the former maxing out at 4.2GHz and the latter maxing out at 4.0GHz, in Max Turbo mode. The FX-8120 will sell for about $205, while the FX-8150 will sell for about $245. The AMD FX Unlocked processors are just the first look at what could be the powerful future of computer processors.

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