Android App of the Week: Turn Your Phone Into a Haunted House – In HD!

Just in time for Halloween, DualBoot Games has released an interactive 3-D wallpaper for Android phones. Using either manual swipes or the automatic pan mode, you can check out the front of a massive haunted mansion. The animation and panning all looks very smooth, and packs in some extra surprises you need to watch out for. You can also put your own name on the mailbox, and create your own foreboding message to plaster over the front door.

In addition to panning, you can zoom in and approach the front door, which creaks open when you get close enough. You can go inside the haunted house, but unfortunately, there’s no smooth way to transition between inside and outside. You’ll have to choose one or the other in the settings. The background inside the haunted house works in the same way, with some more up close and personal scares, and a cameo by what looks to be a demonically possessed portrait of Sir Francis Bacon. So, that’s something. I don’t know where else you’re going to get that. The Haunted House HD Background is available now off the Android Market for $1.99. Here’s hoping your phone won’t require an exorcism after Halloween.

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