Facebook Friends Poster – Like!

So how many Facebook friends do you have? 100? 1500? 20? Well no matter the number, they are your friends for a reason. So wouldn’t it be nice to show them off on a poster?  The Facebook Friends Poster lets you see every one of your friend’s Facebook profile pictures at once!  So you can stare and gloat at the hundreds of friends you have, or perhaps just the 5 you are really, really tight with. No matter the number, the poster can be made to suit any number of profile pics.

The most a poster will hold is 570 friends – so for those who friend anyone who will breathe on you, you’ll have to be more selective.

So how does this all work? Well Firebox has created a special app to bring all your friends profile images together to create this poster. All you will have to do is allow your Facebook account to communicate with the Firebox App. Then, once you have chosen who is worthy to be on a poster, it all gets printed on high quality semigloss paper. This poster is perfect for putting on bedroom walls or in dorms, or wherever you must see your Facebook friends pretty little profiles.

The Facebook Friends Poster will retail for £24.99 ( $38), and now after all this effort, you better hope none of your friends change their profile pic for awhile.


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