iPad App of the Week: Facebook for the iPad

After all the leaks, rumors, and whispers, iPad owners can finally get their hands on a Facebook app for their tablets. The Facebook App for the iPad is available now for free, and brings an experience similar to that of the iPhone’s version to the bigger tablet screen. The user interface is similar to the iPhone’s, but now the news feed now shows up in its own frame on the right, which can be pulled out by dragging or swiping. Other changes include more advanced photo and friend browsing. You can browse through more photos at one time, which are much larger and easier to make out than on the iPhone’s small screen. Rather than search completely by name, as in the iPhone iteration, browsing through friends means browsing through large, high-quality profile photos with names at the bottom as captions. It’s a much more visual and engaging experience.

As of now, Facebook games cannot be played within the app. You can launch game apps already downloaded to your iPad from within the Facebook App, but that’s about it. This is expected to change in future updates. The notification and messages bar works in much the same way as it does on your web browser, so there’s no learning curve there. Now that the critical bugs of the initial launch have been ironed out, there isn’t much reason for iPad owners to not pick this app up. You can get the Facebook App now on the iTunes App Store for free.

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