Gavio Amped is Big on Sound, Light in Your Hand

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, sharing is all the rage these days. Online, it seems like there’s nothing some people won’t share, even if we don’t really want them to do. So, make sure that when you get one of these Gavio Amped speakers, the music you’re sharing isn’t the kind that’s going to send everyone else in the vicinity scattering. Unless that’s what you want, of course.

Sharing goes back offline with these handheld speakers, which are light, but don’t feel cheap. The measurements are 65mm x 65mm x 42mm, so you can take it with you pretty much everywhere, and clip it easily to your purse, backpack, bicycle, or whatever else you carry around with you. If you want, you can attach one right to your pants – there are no hard edges on the Amped speakers, so you won’t be delivering a beating to yourself if you do decide to wear one.

The Gavio Amped speakers are available now off of Gavio’s website for about $30. Start sharing your music the old-fashioned way!


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