GEAR Renew SleepClock Knows You Are Awake Before Siri

The GEAR4 Renew SleepClock is a little less Siri and a little more Santa Claus – it knows when you are sleeping, and it knows when you’re awake. Might sound a little creepy, but this SleepClock is packing some pretty impressive technology that could teach you a lot about healthy sleep patterns, and whether or not you have them.

The Renew SleepClock monitors your breathing and movements (no peripherals are necessary, but I would imagine you would need to position the device just right for it to work properly) in order to collect data about your sleep cycle. You can review data about how long you are spending in light and heavy sleep phases – getting a lot of sleep doesn’t always mean you’re getting good rest if your REM deep sleep phases are short. It’s even possible to have the Renew SleepClock wake you up during your lightest phase of sleep, so you feel more well-rested. It might not be the most practical feature for many on a tight schedule, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Daily, weekly, and monthly data can be collected and compared with other users, so you can get a sense of where you are and where you need to be when it comes to sleep. It also can play music from your library, and will automatically fade out once the clock determines that you are asleep. You can pick up the Renew SleepClock for about $199 from Gear4.com, while the Renew Sleep App is available for free at the Apple App store.

Update 7/12/12: Check out our full review of the Renew SleepClock.


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