iGet Makes Tablet Owners Even Lazier

Just because tablets are getting increasingly thinner and more lightweight doesn’t mean we like holding them. After all, how much time do you waste trying to find the perfect comfortable position to lie down and use your tablet? Pressing matters, indeed. Fortunately, the iGet is here to make sure we can all rest easy (or even easier) and still use our tablets to the fullest.

In truth, the iGet is pretty impressive. It’s an elaborate, almost artistic looking tablet stand with four flexible, but very sturdy legs. Once you’ve molded the iGet into the shape you want, it’s not going to be moving around or falling out of shape on you. The iGet is also pretty light and easy to move, so it can go where you go around the house. If you’re like me, and look at your mobile device as an invaluable cooking aid, the iGet is right up your alley. You can check out your recipe while cooking without craning your neck, bending down, or actually picking the device up. OK, so it’s not the most dire need, but you can justify it by saying it’s better for your back over time.

Another pretty cool addition is the swivel head, which allows for quick switching from portrait to landscape mode. The sturdiness is still present here – the iGet won’t slip and slide around on you. So, if laying out on the couch and lazing around with your tablet wasn’t quite comfortable enough already, it definitely will be now. Plus, you can put it just about anywhere, so you can hang your tablet on your door as a kind of mobile-age bedroom door whiteboard, or hang it near the wall and make a bunch of swiping gestures like you’re in Minority Report. Check out the mildly awkward promotional video below for more information. You can buy the iGet now off Amazon for about $69, or directly from the iGet website for around €80, or about $105.




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