iPhone 4 Cases Will Not Fit the iPhone 4S

So you devotedly waited in line today trying to get your iPhone 4S. Besides iOS5 and upgrades to the camera, the overall hardware casing of the iPhone 4S seemed like it would be identical to the iPhone 4. To our personal delight, we were excited about this since that meant we didn’t have to abandon our large amount of iPhone 4 cases. Well lo and behold, we were wrong – if you have an AT&T iPhone 4 that is.

It turns out that the AT&T iPhone 4 and AT&T iPhone 4S actually have slightly different casings. For those that are upgrading to a Verizon iPhone 4S you are in luck – nothing has changed. However, the AT&T iPhone 4S now sports a band on top of the vibrate toggle – this is true on the Verizon version as well. But the most significant change difference is that the vibrate toggle AND volume buttons are all slightly lower on the AT&T 4S. To those that don’t have an assortment of  AT&T iPhone 4 cases lying around, this will make no difference to you. But for others, the new position of these controls will be an annoyance, especially with those cases that snugly fit the current AT&T iPhone 4 model and are tightly molded around the volume buttons.

While some might find this a slight irritation, others may be ecstatic since it’s a good excuse to go out and buy some new cases. One thing is for sure – be wary if you buy a case that says it’s compatible with both an AT&T iPhone 4 and a AT&T iPhone 4S, because it may just not be.

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