iPhone App of the Week: NameScreamer is the Must Have App This Halloween

Here’s a real terror for Halloween this year. NameScreamer is a prank app that comes preloaded with 200 of the most popular American names (looks like I don’t need to worry), nine phrases, and six different voices – ghost, banshee, zombie, devil, creeper, and raving lunatic. The zombie voice, as befits a decaying corpse, is completely unintelligible. The other five voices can be used as a ticking time bomb of mayhem against your friends. You can set name, phrase, and voice, set the timer, and hide your device near one of your unfortunate, common-named friends to effectively ruin their day.

With possibilities like a creeper telling Jane that he’s under her bed, or a devil telling Jack that he’s watching him, the possibilities for subsequent 911 calls and very annoyed police officers are deliciously abundant. Better yet, you can get up in the club and start a fight with a random stranger. A raving lunatic shouting “Bro, I want your blood!” will do that. Or, you can really go all-in on the Halloween prank cruelty, and have the ghost of lingering disappointment tell your down-on-their-luck friend to “get a job.” You know, if you want to make sure you don’t have any friends left at all after Halloween. But, given how much ridiculous fun is to be had with this app, who knows? It might just be worth it for the right person. NameScreamer is available now for free off the iTunes App Store.

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