iPod Nano is Cheaper and Cooler Than Ever with 1.2 Update

The coolest part of the revision to the iPod Nano might be the price point – now $130 for the 8 GB model and $150 for the 16 GB model. Lower prices for those looking to enter the world of Apple figured largely into the company’s news conference today in Cupertino, with the iPod Nano announcements largely lost amid iPhone 4S news. Changes to the iPod Nano are largely incremental, but there were a few highlights that came out of the presentation.

A fun extra addition thrown into the new generation of the iPod Nano is a selection of sixteen different watch faces, for those who prefer to wear their Nano on their wrist, along with a strap. Most clock faces are standard fare, with the addition of Mickey Mouse and Muppets themed faces also in the mix.

The new iPod Nano will also come equipped with a pedometer out of the box, directed at those who buy the Nano as the ideal exercise companion. Multi touch, FM radio, and Genius support round out what looks to be a solid music player, with Apple banking on the lower price point drawing more interest. The new iPod Nano will roll out with the other newly announced Apple products on October 12th.

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