iPod Touch 4G Now in White and Acting More and More like an iPhone

Those who claim that the iPod Touch is just an iPhone lacking a 3G connection used to make the statement tongue in cheek. After Apple’s news conference today in Cupertino, that might literally become truth. The iPod Touch is being touted increasingly as a communications tool just as much as an entertainment device. If you live most of your life in range of Wi-Fi, the lines between the iPod Touch and the iPhone may become blurry.

The new generation of iPod Touch, like the newly announced iPhone 4S, will run iOS 5, unveiled by Apple during a news conference in June of this year. iCloud and AirPlay support are present, along with FaceTime, improved by Apple’s new and improved camera, capable of 720p recording. Apple is also touting the Retina Display, making images on the phone appear sharper, thanks to a 326 ppi display. Communications is also boosted by iMessage, Apple’s answer to BlackBerry Messenger that will work over Wi-Fi for the iPod Touch.

The changes to the iPod Touch are slight, and mostly software based. The price is the big change, coming in at about $200 for the 8 GB model and about $300 for the 32 GB model. The  64 GB model will cost about $400. The 32 GB and 64 GB models have steep prices, but the 16 GB model will be selling for $30 less than its predecessor. All models will be available in black and white. The new iPod Touch continued with Apple’s theme of incremental changes in their new line-up of products hitting stores a week from now.


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