iPod Tower Makes Other Docks Feel Inadequate

In the densely populated world of iPhone/iPod docks, one dock finally looms large over the crowd. Really, really large. The iPod Tower is a full-sized, tall speaker that bucks the trend of tiny, portable dock speakers for something a little more flashy and decorative. It’s got the modern, minimalist style down to a tee, at least.

The iPod Tower comes with an FM radio, a USB slot, and SD card reader. There are separate controls for bass and treble, as well. An included remote makes this behemoth a pretty solid addition to your entertainment system. With its size and style, it’ll probably fit right in with whatever set-up you have.

As of now, it doesn’t look like it’s available in the United States, but can be found in many places in Europe. Check out the product web page for locations where the iPod Tower is available.

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